Who are we?

Eneko Neira


Sergio Valiente

Image and events department

Txus Cabrera

Commercial and sales department

Aingeru del Campo

Treasury and purchasing department

Eder García


Our history

Laugar was born in 2010 when we started brewing beer as a hobby, thirsty of changes in the local beer scene which is monopolised by industrial beer.

Eneko took the initiative, he gathered us, and together we began experimenting with a lot of recipes in a small local in Barakaldo, gradually gaining new followers.

At first we brewed for ourselves, soon enough our beers opened their way out of that little place reaching our closer friends, later on some pubs, and ultimately beer festivals, where they were very well received by both critic and consumers, so we decided to move to Gordexola (Bizkaia) in 2013 and started producing in a more professional manner. Always aiming to offer the best quality, beers with character and in constant evolution, experimenting with the classics and more edgy recipes alike.

In may of 2014 our brewery was running, and our first beer was officially out: EPA! Ever since we continue with the same enthusiasm and energy, creating and enjoying every recipe we brew, while ensuring a growing presence in the local, national and international market.


Our philosophy is clear, based on quality before quantity with a product brewed with passion, honesty and soul throughout the whole process, selecting only the best ingredients. We don’t filter or pasteurise our beers keeping their full taste until they reach your hands.

We love to brew powerful and innovative beers, we envision craft beer as a world where imagination has no limits, a place where we enjoy brewing new recipes, experimenting with all kinds of ingredients and beer styles or facing new challenges, all to make you enjoy Laugar as much as we do.