Electric Funeral

Lisergic rye india pale ale

/6,66% ABV

'The Doom Series' The Doom Series came about through the friendship between Laugar Brewery, NaparBCN and the Cervezoteca Malte in A Coruña. It represents our particular homage to dark, deep, slow psychedelic sounds that have been brought to us by the great iconic bands of a musical style that binds us. This first one in the saga, 'Electric Funeral', is dedicated to Black Sabbath, in which rye gives a refreshing touch to this otherwise fruity IPA. Doom or be Doomed!

Ingredients: Water, malts, rye, hops and yeast

Pairings: Charcuterie, spicy food, cheese, burgers, pizza, salads.

Glass: American pint.

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